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The online creative arts magazine for the University of Waterloo community.

Providing student media at uWaterloo since 1978.

Imprint Publications is the University of Waterloo’s official student media organization, run by students, for students.

Imprint Publications was born when the university’s journalism club, in 1978, created a newspaper known as The Imprint with the help of former staff from the then disbanded Chevron. Imprint Publications was officially recognised by referendum in 1979 as the parent organization of this paper.

Imprint Publications is the parent organization for the on-campus newspaper, Imprint, and the online arts magazine, Quetzal.

Imprint is published weekly during fall and winter terms and bi-weekly during the spring term. The paper is distributed across the main campus, in the community, and on each of the satellite campuses (Kitchener, Stratford, and Cambridge). The paper aims to provide UW students, staff, and faculty with relevant campus and community news. Advertisers from all four cities use Imprint to connect with the UW community.

Imprint Online aims to keep the UW community informed on current and breaking news. It also connects with students through social media, live reporting, and video content.

Quetzal is an online arts magazine that showcases UW students’ artistic abilities, including fine art, music, videography, photography and more.

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